Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

When you’re preplanning your funeral or cremation, many questions tend to arise while considering these important arrangements. Naturally, some concerns focus on legal topics like whether a power of attorney is needed.  Below, we have provided some general information on the topic.   Woodlawn Cemetery believes that our neighbors in the Bronx will find this information useful when they’re making significant decisions about their final arrangements.

What Is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document that gives one or more people of your choosing the authority to make decisions about your health, finances, and guardianship. Much like a will, a power of attorney is a crucial part of life planning and should be considered when you’re planning a funeral ahead of time. Most people set up a power of attorney for financial or health reasons. Knowing that someone you trust will be able to make major decisions for you if necessary can provide much-needed peace of mind. For this reason, we encourage families to make this arrangement as soon as they are able. Having power of attorney in place can give both you and your loved ones a sense of comfort when it comes to the future and how decisions will be made.

Different Types of Power of Attorney

As you continue to consider this topic, there are four types of power of attorney to keep in mind: general, durable, special or limited, and springing durable. This variety provides individuals with flexibility and options for how they would like to put this legal document into effect. General power of attorney lets the agent you designate make almost any decision related to both your healthcare and finances. Durable power of attorney awards this type of authority only in the case of your becoming incapacitated. Special or limited power of attorney limits decision-making to a specific area. Finally, springing durable power of attorney is like the durable version previously mentioned. Though springing durable only comes into consideration after a predetermined event has occurred.

If you have questions about how to obtain a power of attorney in NY State, visit or contact an estate planning atttoney who can help you through the process.

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