Don’t Have Any Doubts: The Importance of an On-Site Crematory

It’s a common practice for many funeral homes offering cremation services to use a third-party crematory. These facilities are often located in a warehouse district set in an industrial part of town. Oftentimes, families have no idea that their loved one is being transported off site, much less to a facility the family never sees or approves of.

Here at Woodlawn, we want to be sure families know we have our own on-site crematory. Our neighbors in the Bronx can feel confident that their loved one is always cared for by our compassionate staff.

An on-site crematory provides families peace of mind.

Having an on-site crematory at our full-service facility ensures your loved one will never leave our care throughout the entire cremation process. As a Cremation with Confidence™ provider, we pledge to follow a rigorous 10-step process that includes the use of a digital tracking system, a cremation logbook, and a personal identification band. Every cremation at our facility is performed within a timely manner utilizing a checklist to keep track of every detail.

Qualified professionals oversee every cremation.

Our licensed and certified staff members are experienced and will treat your loved one with care and respect. Our staff is a valuable resource for families who have questions about the cremation process. If you’re considering scattering your loved one’s cremated remains, we can advise you on cremation laws in New York State and the surrounding counties.

We offer a straightforward and transparent payment process.

Having an on-site crematory lets us handle the related fee and we can process the payment in-house, even in advance of need.

Enhancing your cremation arrangements is easy.

When you choose cremation with us, you have the option to arrange a reception or memorial service to celebrate your loved one with family and friends. We even have a picturesque cremation garden where cremation niches sit beside a beautiful running brook. Glass-front niches in the Garden Conservatory Mausoleum and Knollwood Mausoleum are also available.

Do you have questions about our processes, our facility, or the services we offer? Contact our experienced team today. We are here 24/7 to talk about all the ways we serve our community in their time of need.