Genealogy: A Rewarding Hobby

Genealogy is the tracing of the lines of your ancestors and their descendants.  It is the story of family origins and history.  The study of the history of families, especially through historical documents, allows genealogists to uncover relationships between particular people and families.

Learning the history of your ancestors helps you connect more deeply with a sense of self by learning about your family’s past.  As you trace family roots back through the generations, you gain a greater understanding of your ancestors-where they came from, who they were, the lives they led, the trials they overcame, the accomplishments they achieved, and the dreams they had.  Reaching into your family’s past generates greater love and compassion, and can be a source of inspiration.  Knowing who your ancestors were can reveal to you who you are.

Cherish your genealogical journey and know you are doing a wonderful thing for yourself, your family, and your ancestors.