Have you Thought About Your Own End-of-Life Arrangements?

One of the realities we face every day here at Woodlawn Cemetery is that death is a natural part of life. Even so, we understand how unnatural it feels to discuss. Talking about mortality may not be an everyday conversation piece – but expressing preferences about your own end-of-life arrangements is one of the most important topics you’ll ever address.

Consider these examples to understand why:

When you die, do you want a traditional funeral service or a more unique celebration of life? Where do you want this memorial to take place? At a church here in the Bronx or at another location that is meaningful to you? Do you have any readings, songs, photos, or stories you would like to be shared? What about a visitation beforehand or a reception afterward? Some people select every element down to the food and drinks that are served at the reception.

One decision many people feel strongly about is the choice between traditional burial and cremation. If you prefer burial, where would you like to be buried? Above ground in a private mausoleum or a community mausoleum? Or in-ground with a traditional headstone, a lawn-level marker, or perhaps a bench, a plaque, or an art piece?

Perhaps like many in the New York City area, you’re leaning toward cremation. You can make your wishes known about whether you would like your cremated remains scattered in a certain place that is special to you, or in a mausoleum or cremation niche. Our own Brookside Cremation Garden offers in- ground and above-ground options within the natural setting of the garden.

Many families want to visit their loved ones after they die, which can impact the location of a final resting place. Here at Woodlawn Cemetery, we have the most beautiful cremation and burial options in the United States, including historical sections. When you make this selection for yourself, your family isn’t left to second-guess or wonder if they’re doing right by you. You are in control.

By this point, you might be thinking, “I guess I do have a lot of opinions about what I want my arrangements to look like!” You’re not alone, and that’s why we make viewing available properties and deciding on details as streamlined as possible so you can get started planning.

Our Family Service Associates are happy to meet with you in person or talk by phone to answer any questions, provide information on available options, and discuss costs and payment plans. We can also address how to select a suitable new property and/or reserve available spaces.

Trust us when we say that planning ahead will give you incredible peace of mind – and it also eases the burden on your loved ones. Remember that death is natural and there’s nothing morbid about planning for your own. Are you ready to put your preferences in writing? You can request information any time. We’re here to make sure you’re able to tell the story of your life your way.