How Choosing A Final Resting Place Brings Peace

Every day, New Yorkers come to Woodlawn Cemetery to visit loved ones who have been laid to rest. Some come to reminisce, connect with the past, and spend time in the presence of their friend or family member. Others who were not able to say a final goodbye at the funeral service can do so here. Others still come to express important things previously left unsaid.

Many people tell us that these visits to our beautiful 400-acre grounds in the Bronx bring an unexpected amount of comfort and closure. There’s healing that takes place – a sense of moving on in life while carrying meaningful memories with you.

We cannot overstate the importance of the location of this final resting place. After all, this is the place where future generations will visit. This is where they will sit to mourn, remember, and celebrate the life that once was.

Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, we strongly recommend selecting your own final resting place ahead of time. You want to be sure the location is comfortable, beautiful, convenient, and enduring. Because Woodlawn Cemetery offers a distinctive selection, you also want to be sure that your choice is a perfect fit for your needs and wishes.

Consider these options:

Single Lots

Single lots provide space for an individual or multiple cremated remains and allow for a flat marker or an upright memorial that can be custom designed. Burial space is available in our newer developments as well as in our historic sections.

Companion Lots

Companion lots provide space for two individuals or multiple cremated remains. These lots allow for a central memorial which represents the special relationship shared, and individual footstones for each individual buried in the lot. Burial space is available in our newer developments as well as in our historic sections.

Estate Lots

Estate lots provide space for those who want to accommodate several family generations in one area of the cemetery. Estate lots allow for a keystone memorial which identifies the family as well as personalized markers for each individual. Private mausoleums may also be constructed on estate lots.

Historic Property

Burial space is available in historical sections of the cemetery. Oftentimes, families want a burial spot that is close in proximity to a notable’s final resting place. Our family service associates can assist with selecting a burial space in one of our beautiful, historical sections.


We have a variety of complexes on our beautiful grounds. This includes private mausoleums, which are custom-built with the desired number of spaces and a memorial that reflects the tastes and heritage of those at rest. With both indoor and outdoor areas, our Garden Conservatory Mausoleum offers a comfortable setting for visitation in every season and protection from the weather. The Maple Mausoleum is our most recent development comprised of nine outdoor, above-ground buildings. And these are only a few of your many options!

There is also a mix of the following:

  • Mausoleum crypts for above-ground burial
  • Granite niches for cremation
  • Glass front niche spaces for cremation
  • Tasteful landscaping all year round
  • Individual spaces
  • Companion spaces
  • Cremation niches
  • Private family areas

For those who choose cremation, our Brookside Cremation Garden includes landscape niches nestled into the natural rock alongside the running brook or tucked into the wall of the bridge that spans the stream. Our glass-front niches, located inside the Garden Conservatory Mausoleum and new Knollwood Mausoleum, allow for beautiful, personalized tributes. Granite niches are also available both inside and outside our mausoleum complexes.

Whatever you have in mind, we have knowledge and decades of experience to help you make the best decision for you and those left behind. Contact us today to learn more or stop by to stroll our acreage and see your options in person. You can even view available proprieties on our website with the click of a button.

You will be surprised how much peace of mind comes when you make your own end-of-life decisions. Allow our caring team here at Woodlawn to help.