Is Cremation Right for You?

Making end-of-life decisions isn’t easy. Death is a topic that many people find uncomfortable and as a result, often avoid it entirely. At Woodlawn Cemetery, our experienced staff encourages our neighbors in the Bronx to take the time to formulate their final wishes, for their own peace of mind and that of their family. Many families choose traditional burial, but cremation is growing in popularity across our community and the nation.


If you’d like to learn more about all that cremation entails, here are some simple ways to help you determine if cremation is the right choice for you:


Talk to your loved ones.

Cremation is a deeply personal decision but discussing it with your loved ones can help you feel more certainty about your end-of-life choices. Whether or not you choose to preplan your cremation, sharing your preferences with family members may help you feel more decisive about the service options you select. Ask your loved ones for their input, especially if you elect to have your cremated remains scattered. Some people feel discomfort about this decision, but oftentimes, a simple conversation about the reasons why someone is making it can make everyone feel more comfortable about it.


Consider your final resting place.

There’s no need to make an itemized list at this point, but knowing what you’re facing as far as cremation costs go can be beneficial as you plan. Cremation tends to be less expensive than burial, but this depends on the service options and cremation merchandise you select. When you choose cremation with Woodlawn, you can arrange for in-ground or above-ground burial and even hold a service in our Wooworth Chapel or a graveside service with loved ones. We have a variety of cremation niches available, from our tranquil Brookside Cremation Garden to elegant glass-front niches.


Imagine how you’d like to be memorialized.

It’s a common assumption that when you choose cremation, your memorialization options will be limited. At Woodlawn, this is not the case. we do not offer the purchase of urns or memorial items, such as keepsake jewely.  We also do not have visitations or receptions.  We can have a memorial service in our Woolworth Chapel or at graveside, as previously mentioned.


At Woodlawn, we know the importance of finding a cremation provider you trust. You and your loved ones deserve the best care, and our dedicated staff is here to ensure you receive it. If you live in the New York area, contact us today to find out more about choosing cremation for you or your loved one.