Student Leadership & Legacy

The Woodlawn Student Leadership & Legacy Program aims to use the past to build future leaders through mentorship, community service and a curriculum inspired by its notable figures. In partnership with local schools, The Woodlawn Student Leadership & Legacy Program educates and creates great leaders for the next generation.

The 3-month program, mostly conducted in the school, partners students with a living legacy who can coach, mentor and inspire students as they walk through the program. Through a carefully developed curriculum, the program provides examples of legacies for students to be inspired by and aspire to emulate.  With the guidance of their mentors, participants choose a Woodlawn great to research and investigate the leadership qualities it takes to be successful.


During the program, students visit Woodlawn and the final resting place of their Woodlawn connection and then complete the program with a presentation on how they can create a legacy for themselves. A graduation ceremony is held where students receive certificates of completion from their mentors.

The Student Leadership & Legacy Program, introduced in 2017 with one school, has grown exponentially with more than 40 local schools participating in the program in 2018. The Woodlawn Student Leadership and Legacy Program will educate and create great leaders for the next generation.