This tree is over planted and subject to disease problems in the eastern US. This is a beautiful tree when it can be grown properly without disease. Unfortunately, it is very susceptible to a stem canker in the eastern US that disfigures the tree. If you select this tree in the eastern US, plant only a few to prevent disappointments should disease strike. The tree grows best in rich, moist soil, and will benefit from mulch placed out to the edge of the canopy. Irrigation in dry weather also helps. Best growth occurs in full sun. Trees tolerate clay soil and occasionally wet soil very well. This plant is considered mostly allergy free and causes little or no allergy problems in most people.

Colorado Spruce casts dense shade when branched to the ground, so no grass grows beneath it. Substitute White Fir for the same blue foliage effect without the disease problem; or choose some of the other spruces such as P.omorika with blue foliage. Plant can hybridize with P. engelmannii and these two are often difficult to distinguish from each other. Good survival in ice storms.

This is the state tree of Colorado and Utah.