Frequently Asked Questions

Our burial plans have changed. Can we sell our property?

You’ll need to contact Woodlawn if you wish to sell or transfer your burial rights. The resale of burial rights is regulated by the New York State Cemetery Board. In accordance with New York State Cemetery Law, the cemetery has the right of first refusal. If the cemetery chooses to repurchase your property, the price will be set according to a state-approved formula. If the cemetery declines, then the current owner has the right to sell to a third party, once the appropriate approval has been obtained by the New York State Division of Cemeteries.

In certain cases, the current lot owner may wish to donate the burial space back to the cemetery. Please contact us to learn more.

I’m considering cremation. What plans do I need to make?

Because so many people are considering cremation today, there are many information sources available to assist you. Our Family Service Associates can help you learn about the process, make pre-arrangements and discuss your options for memorialization. Woodlawn operates a crematory on site. In New York State, you are required to use the services of a licensed funeral director to coordinate the cremation process. For general information about cremation, contact the Cremation Association of North America.

I’m researching my family tree. How can I get more information from Woodlawn about my ancestors?

You can call, write, email or visit our administration office to obtain information about those buried at Woodlawn. If you’re planning to visit, we ask that make an appointment so that we can give you our full attention. You should arrive before 10 a.m. or after 2 p.m., when we’re not as busy with funeral services. We charge a fee of $57 per hour to cover the costs of staff time, photography, copying and postage associated with completing requests for genealogical information. We will confirm if the individual in question is buried at Woodlawn and provide you with his or interment location free of charge.

What can I do to take better care of my lot?

Before you begin working on your lot, contact our administration department or review our rules and regulations about approved plantings and restoration methods. Woodlawn can provide you with an estimate for cleaning your memorial, installing ornamental plantings or providing special maintenance services. If you hire outside contractors to perform this work, they will be required to show proof of insurance and comply with the rules and regulations of the cemetery.

Members of my family are buried at Woodlawn. How do I find out who owns the property and what do I need to do to use the remaining space?

Contact our administration department to review or update the ownership records associated with a lot, crypt or niche. In New York State, burial rights are transferred from one generation to another at time of death unless specifically specified otherwise in a will. The descendants of the original lot owner are required to file an heirship affidavit (family tree) with the cemetery to identify the current owners (thereby granting them burial rights).

Where can I find out what cemetery property costs and how I can pay for it?

The costs of our services are posted in our main office and are approved annually by the New York State Division of Cemeteries. One of our Family Service Associates can itemize the exact costs involved for you and can suggest a payment plan, which allows you to pay over time and offers discounts for those who purchase property in advance of need.

I’m ready to buy a cemetery property. Where do I start?

We strongly suggest you attend one of our planning seminars, where we’ll clearly explain the everything you need to consider before you select a final resting place and make funeral arrangements. You can call or come to the cemetery to meet with a Family Service Associate, who will show you available space, provide information on available options and discuss costs and payment plans.

I just lost a loved one. How do I make arrangements?

Contact us to select a suitable new property or to reserve space available in your existing family lot. One of our Family Service Associates will advise you on the costs involved, assisting you in the preparation of the necessary documents and work closely with the funeral director of your choosing to coordinate a beautiful memorial service.

I have an idea for a unique memorial. What are my options?

Woodlawn welcomes the development of unique memorials, including a variety of stone. Before you commission a monument maker, you must obtain the approval of Woodlawn, as we want to ensure that the monument can be maintained and is compatible with the overall design of the section where your property is located. Check with our office on rules and regulations on memorialization.

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