It grows in low, bottomland, acid wet sites of flood plains yet is drought-tolerant. It thrives in constantly wet to moist soil, although it has been known to adapt to seemingly impossible habitats. Fibrous root system makes transplanting rather easy. Willow Oak is a tough tree well adapted to urban conditions, but can develop chlorosis of high pH soils. Willow Oak has few major problems and tolerates clay, salt, poor drainage and compacted soil.

The tree is easy to transplant due to a dense root system but some say it transplants poorly in the fall. Trees dug in winter survive fine. Plants have been rooted from cuttings. For example, Tree Introductions, Inc. in Athens Georgia released HightowerTM and HighbeamTM-they should be available starting in 2003 and should make great, fast-growing street trees.

This oak has been over-used in some southern cities. Yes, it is a wonderful tree that tolerates the typical urban sites, but let us remember the problems associated with monoculture. Trees are very tolerant of urban conditions and have survived and grow well along streets.

Wood weighs about 69 pounds per cubic foot. Oak wood is considered ring porous to semi-ring porous.