The Art of the Cemetery: Angels

Woodlawn Cemetery is known for its beautiful sculptures and unique works of art.  One of America’s most historic cemeteries, Woodlawn contains the largest and finest collection of funerary art in the country.  Woodlawn’s outstanding landscape design is graced by an equally spectacular collection of art and architecture featuring angels.  With exquisite grace, these ethereal creatures watch over those at rest and offer hope for eternity.

Hundreds of angels grace the grounds of Woodlawn.  From pointing angels leading the soul to life everlasting to recording angels creating a lasting legacy for a lost loved one to angels sounding the trumpet to announce the soul’s entrance into heaven, angels entrusted with the care of the deceased have defined roles.  The spiritual mediators between mankind and the divine, angels represent the victory of the spirit over flesh.

Whether inspired by classic works of art or original creations by accomplished artists, Woodlawn’s angels offer peace and comfort in times of grief and loss.  Some of Woodlawn’s more formidable angels include the neoclassical Monteverde Angel, the Bode Angel inspired by sculptor William Wetmore Story’s The Angel of Grief , and the Kinsley Angel sculpted by Lincoln Memorial designer Daniel Chester French.  As a form of funerary art, angels flourish in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Explore Woodlawn as a nest of angels at one of our Illuminated Angels Trolley Tours as they soar through the clouds and guard the souls of the departed.

Woodlawn is an open-air art gallery and living history museum that attracts 100,000 visitors annually.  Our memorials represent the largest and finest collection of funerary art in the country.  Visit our cemetery and explore 400 acres of art, architecture, and history.

Woodlawn continues to be a non-sectarian cemetery without a specific religious affiliation.