Cremation Burial Starting at $50

Many families are looking for more “eco-friendly” cremation burial options, but still desire a permanent place for memorialization. Woodlawn’s Ossuary provides communal scattering within the natural setting of our Brookside Cremation Garden. Families who choose cremation burial at Woodlawn can utilize our beautiful and historic facility, The Woolworth, for a 1/2 hour service at no additional charge.

Save 10% on Cremation Memorialization Planned in Advance

Woodlawn offers many options for the burial of cremated remains. Within the beauty of the Brookside Cremation Garden, landscape niches are nestled into the natural rock alongside the running brook or tucked into the wall of the bridge that spans the stream. Our glass-front niches, located inside the Garden Conservatory Mausoleum and new Knollwood Mausoleum, allow for beautiful, personalized tributes to a life well lived. Granite niches are also available both inside and outside our mausoleum complexes. Family niches offer a traditional, yet unique memorial option for families who are committed to cremation. To learn more about cremation options at Woodlawn, fill out the form below and allow one of our Family Service Associates to walk you through your options.

To learn more about cremation at Woodlawn, please fill out the form below, or for immediate assistance, call one of our Family Service Associates at (718) 920-0500.