Cremation Options

Cremation In-Ground Burial Options

There are many individuals and families that choose cremation who still want to have a more traditional burial. This option is the right choice for many families, including those of certain faiths that allow cremation but require a traditional burial.

At Woodlawn, we offer in-ground burial of cremated remains in single, companion, or family burial plots. Space is available in both our newer developments and more historic sections of the cemetery.

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Cremation Above-Ground Burial Options

Granite Niches

Our beautiful columbarium options at Woodlawn provide permanent places for loved ones to pay their respects in a beautiful and serene setting. Columbarium niches can be personalized with granite, marble, or walnut fronts for beautiful memorial tributes. Granite niches are available in our Garden Conservatory Mausoleum as well as our new Hillcrest Mausoleum Complex and Knollwood Mausoleum.

Glass-Front Niches

Our glass-front niches, located inside the Garden Conservatory Mausoleum and new Knollwood Mausoleum, allow for beautiful, personalized tributes. The urn containing the cremated remains is placed inside the niche and surrounded by photos, cherished mementos, and items which best depict the life of a loved one. By choosing a glass-front niche, a family is able to create a meaningful tribute while enjoying a quiet, secure, climate-controlled, and comfortable atmosphere to pay their respects.

Family Niches

Built to personal specifications to accommodate the cremated remains of one or more individuals, cremation memorials are increasingly popular for those who are committed to cremation but want a traditional, yet unique memorial option. At Woodlawn, we offer beautiful, personalized memorial benches and other unique memorial options.

Brookside Cremation Garden

Our Brookside Cremation Garden includes landscape niches nestled into the natural rock alongside the running brook or tucked into the wall of the bridge that spans the stream. Offering both in- ground and above-ground burial of cremated remains, niches are blended into the landscape or are nestled into natural rock alongside a running brook.


Cremated remains may also be scattered in a communal receptacle known as an ossuary within the Brookside Cremation Garden. A bronze name plaque placed on a wall near the ossuary permanently memorializes the individual.