The tree grows slowly, is hard to transplant and prefers a sunny location and a moist, light soil. The tree makes one of the finest specimens of all those available in North America for large scale landscapes. European Beech is somewhat tolerant of heat and dry soil, but it is best to locate it where it would receive adequate moisture in acid or neutral soil. Allow roots to expand into a large soil area and mulch out to the edge of the canopy to maintain best health. Otherwise leaves often scorch in dry summer. Trees grow poorly in restricted soil spaces.

The cultivars `Pendula’ and `Fastigiata’ are more available than the species and very attractive. Good survival in ice storms. Trees are among those susceptible to summer branch drop in Britain. Summer branch drop is a phenomena resulting in failure and breakage of large diameter branches typically on calm summer days.

There are reports of poisoning by people who have eaten the seeds. Wood is considered diffuse porous meaning that there is little difference in size of pores between spring and summer wood. Pollen can cause significant allergies.