Amur Corktree grows rapidly and prefers to be grown in full sun on deep, rich soil but will tolerate any soil, acid or alkaline. Tolerates wet soil and drought provided there is plenty of open soil space. Once highly recommended as a street and urban-tolerant tree, it does not appear to hold up to the rigors of urban conditions under certain conditions, particularly restricted soil spaces (the experts appear to disagree as to the tolerance of this tree to urban conditions – the tree may be more sensitive to soil conditions than is commonly realized, or perhaps there is simply great variability among seedlings). The best trees I (Dr. Gilman) have seen (Morton Arboretum) were always planted in an open area with plenty of soil for root expansion. This is probably what the tree needs.

The fruitless (male) cultivar `Macho’ has thick, leathery leaves and a more pleasing, upright-spreading growth form. ‘Shademaster’ also has not fruit. But remember that fruitless cultivars generate significant quantities of allergenic pollen. It does not produce the fruit common on the species. The wood is a beautiful orange color and would be interesting to turn or work into a piece of furniture.