End-of-Year Giving

The holidays are a time of generosity and gift-giving. Thanksgiving brings with it thoughts of gratitude and appreciation, which often lead to the desire to give back to those around you, whether that’s your church, local homeless shelter, or school system. When the holidays roll around at the end of each year, many begin to consider the charitable contributions they intend to make before the new year begins.

At Woodlawn, our dedicated staff members feel strongly about giving back to our communities. If you’re planning your end-of-year giving right now, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:


Budget for what you can reasonably give.

The holiday spirit is a powerful thing. At this time of year, many people get caught up in the wave of generous giving and may overspend as a result. Before you set aside funds to donate, take stock of your family’s end-of-year financial obligations. Perhaps you’re planning to travel out of state for Thanksgiving or to vacation in December this year. Come up with a rough estimate of what these things will cost and then plan your donations accordingly.


The amount doesn’t count.

It’s helpful to keep in mind that everyone’s capacity for giving differs based on their vocation, family situation, healthcare needs, etc. Try to avoid feelings of shame or guilt over how little you can give. Remember that it’s not necessarily the amount that you give but the spirit in which it is given.


Support New York history and culture.

The Woodlawn Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that manages Woodlawn Cemetery’s historical and cultural activities. Conservancy donations support our public and educational programming as well as the caring and maintenance of our funerary art held in trust for families and visitors. Donated funds also help prepare career preservationists to focus on restoring and preserving the natural beauty of Woodlawn Cemetery.


Contact Meg Ventrudo  to find out more about end-of-year giving at the Woodlawn Conservancy. We wish all our families and neighbors a Happy Thanksgiving!