Honoring Veterans at Woodlawn


Visitors to Woodlawn Cemetery will find thousands of our nation’s bravest individuals buried and commemorated here. We are proud to provide high-quality burial and cremation to veterans and their families in the Bronx and beyond. This is our way of thanking these men and women for their incredible sacrifices. We are proud to honor veterans in and around our community by helping their families find the perfect final resting place for them here at Woodlawn.


Paying tribute to veterans throughout history


At Woodlawn, our legacy of honoring veterans dates to 1863. Some of the monuments on our grounds pay tribute to servicemen from the Revolutionary War, which illustrates just how deep our roots in this community go. We also have memorials in Woodlawn commemorating those who lost their lives in the Middle Eastern conflicts. No matter what your veteran’s legacy is, we’ll help you honor them in a meaningful and beautiful way.


Memorial items for our veterans


Today’s families choose a variety of memorial items to honor their veterans, from commemorative flags and personalized monuments to porcelain cameos featuring a photograph of their veteran. Many of the memorials in our cemetery indicate the location and battle where the brave soldier lost his life. Veterans’ families may also choose to designate their loved one’s spiritual preference on their headstone with an engraved symbol. Woodlawn is a non-sectarian cemetery, and we are proud to welcome veterans from all faiths.


Visiting our beautiful grounds


We consistently make efforts to pay special tribute to the veterans buried here at Woodlawn. Visitors and families from the community regularly visit our peaceful and manicured grounds to leave flags and flowers atop veterans’ graves. From time to time, our staff members walk the grounds of our cemetery to pay homage to our veterans and remember their service. Even beyond our cemetery walls, when we come upon a public space named after a member of our Armed Forces, we try to take a moment to reflect on their legacy and express our appreciation.


If you’d like to learn more about how our experienced staff can work with you for your veteran’s services, contact us today. We are here 24/7 to assist New York families with their burial and cremation needs.