How Do I Know if It’s Time to Preplan?

With all the uncertainty in the world, preplanning your own end-of-life arrangements can be both empowering and uplifting. At Woodlawn Cemetery, our friendly professionals are here to help you handle life’s unpredictability via our preplanning services. Although end-of-life decision-making is not an easy topic to discuss or consider, putting your plans in writing may help ease your mind.

We recommend getting your end-of-life wishes down on paper sooner rather than later in order to solidify your arrangements and set necessary funds aside for any requested services. Here are 5 signs that it’s time to start preplanning:

  1. You’re comfortable contemplating and discussing end-of-life arrangements. Oftentimes, it’s the death of a loved one that inspires someone to preplan their own funeral arrangements. If you’ve already considered end-of-life details and found yourself relatively at ease talking about these issues, you may be ready to lay out more concrete plans with a funeral professional.
  2. You feel stressed whenever the topic of funerals arises. On the opposite end of the spectrum, anxiety around end-of-life planning can signal that it’s time to make preliminary end-of-life arrangements. Doing so can help relieve stress around the issue and lead to greater quality of life.
  3. You’re ready to involve your family and loved ones in your decision-making. Family members may have already approached you about your death-related requests, prompting you to consider setting up end-of-life arrangements. If you’re prepared to involve them in the process, this is a good sign you’re ready to begin preplanning.
  4. You want to guard your family from financial stress. If you can set a certain amount of money aside for your end-of-life services, it’s a good time to start preplanning. This way, your family won’t face unexpected expenses during an already difficult time.
  5. You’ve found a funeral home you trust. Finding a funeral home that understands and respects your needs and wishes is crucial to successful funeral planning and preplanning. Conveniently located in the Bronx, Woodlawn Cemetery’s thoughtful professionals will help you get your end-of-life wishes in writing. We’ll keep your arrangements on file so that your loved ones will have easy access to them in the future.

Remember: Preplanning is a free service so there’s no need to worry about costs and fees. Our goal is to alleviate end-of-life stress and help your loved ones tell your authentic story. If you’re ready to begin preplanning, reach out to us today via email, phone, or our online form.