How Grief Affects a Parent Experiencing the Loss of a Child

 Undergoing the death of a loved one is a traumatic experience, especially when it is your own child. No parent expects to have to make funeral arrangements for their own son or daughter. At Woodlawn, we help families in the Bronx and beyond find the perfect resting place for their loved one. Our compassionate staff members regularly meet local families coping with the after-effects of losing a loved one.

Physical symptoms of grief

Grief can affect the whole body and your overall well-being. Parents mourning the loss of a child may experience everything from stomach pains and headaches to more serious symptoms that present like a heart attack. Chronic stress resulting from a child’s death can also lead to eating and sleeping disorders.

Psychological symptoms of grief

Just as the body can exhibit signs of grief, psychological symptoms like depression can develop after the death of a child. Major depression can set in soon after losing a child, and some parents even have suicidal thoughts. Occasionally, a grieving parent might develop a mental health disorder, a serious symptom of grief that requires immediate attention from a physician.

Complicated grief

When grief symptoms last an especially long time or reach a degree of intensity that requires medical help, complicated grief may be present. This type of grief usually involves waves of acute symptoms followed by periods of numbness. Grief is a complicated thing that often involves a variety of symptoms that depend on a person’s family history of mental illness, their coping skills, and the in-person supports available to them.

Grief recovery

It’s important for parents who are grieving the loss of a child to seek help when their symptoms become debilitating. There are a variety of aftercare resources available, both digital and printed. You may also want to consider seeing a therapist or grief counselor in person or joining a grief support group with other parents who have lost a child.

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