If the Shoe Fits: “White Shoe”

Law and finance go hand-in-hand.

Former Wall Street lawyer John Oller tells the story of a new type of “white shoe” lawyer in White Shoe: How a New Breed of Wall Street Lawyers Changed Big Business and the American Century.  The term “white shoe” derives from the white buck oxford, a men’s shoe popular among upper-class Ivy League students.  The term has evolved to refer to law firms that mostly practice financial law and consultation management.  Oller follows the ambitious group of young attorneys who made American business, Big Business, and Wall Street indistinguishable. Once operating on a smaller scale, the legal profession has emerged as the center of the financial world.  White Shoe is the engrossing true story that traces the historical development of the modern law firm.

Woodlawn Cemetery recommends White Shoe to anyone with an interest who has an interest in the development of law and finance, and the role of white shoes in attracting corporate clients to the legal world.