PBS: Bronx’s Woodlawn Cemetery One of “World’s Greatest”

What makes a cemetery a great cemetery?

Host of PBS’s “World’s Greatest Cemeteries” Roberto Mighty uncovers this question in a magazine-style half-hour that uses historians, forensic scientists, and horticulturists to share true stories of the world’s most spectacular cemeteries.  In addition to interviews with historians, authors, tour guides, and other experts, the series includes reenactments exemplifying pivotal moments in the life of famous people buried at our site.  Mighty not only tours splendid gardens and landscapes, but also recovers inspiring stories from diverse figures of the past.  “World’s Greatest Cemeteries” is a must-see for book lovers and history buffs!

The Woodlawn episode is available for free streaming on PBS Online through April 18.  Episode 6 of Season 2 dives into the stories of notable residents, including gambler and journalist Bat Masterson, first female American self-made millionaire Madam C.J. Walker, poet and satirist Dorothy Parker, salsa icon Celia Cruz, author of Moby Dick Herman Melville, discover or adrenaline Jokichi Takamine, jazz giant Sir Miles Davis, and prolific songwriter Irving Berlin.  Mighty is joined by Woodlawn’s Director of Historical Services Susan Olsen for fascinating facts about the luminaries interred at our grounds.  Additionally, the episode takes us headfirst into Gilded Age monuments, grand memorial art and sculpture, and the breathtaking landscaping at this urban oasis.  The episode also features Woodlawn’s pioneering Bridge to Crafts Careers Program, which trains underrepresented New York City youth for careers in the masonry trades.

As the eternal resting place of legends and a place of visual wonders, Woodlawn is proud to have worked with Mighty and his fantastic crew to draw a nationwide audience into America’s most eye-opening stories.

For coverage on the Woodlawn episode, check out the article by Bronx Times, the borough’s leading digital news source.

Woodlawn’s feature on “World’s Greatest Cemeteries” is available on PBS online free of charge through April 18.