The Art of the Cemetery: Heart

In a metaphorical sense, a heart shape, also known as a heart symbol, is a shape used to communicate the idea of the heart and love.  Widely accepted as the link shape to the human heart, the the heart symbol is often used to represent the center of emotion, including affection and love, especially romantic love.  In geometric terms, a heart shape is a square put on its side, resembling a diamond.  On the top, two semi-circles are placed, which results in a shape that resembles a heart.

Holding memories for a lifetime, this universal symbol can represent lasting love or the love of the divine.  Heart-shaped headstones are not just an indication of love between a couple, but can represent love between parent and child, brother and sister or any people who have affection for each other.  Some heart memorials have a break in them, signifying the grief of losing someone.  The heart may also serve as a reminder that the living still care about the person who has passed.  When carved on a grave marker, two joined hearts symbolize a marriage.

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Woodlawn continues to be a non-sectarian cemetery without a specific religious affiliation.