What Is the Meaning of Azaleas?

Azaleas are flowering shrubs in the genus Rhododendron, a large family of shallow-rooted plants.  All North American species of azaleas are deciduous, shedding their leaves in the fall.  Brightly colored, azaleas come in just about every color-red, orange, pink, purple or white.  Many varieties are even fragrant, carrying a rich lily-like scent with clover overtones.

Azaleas grow best in full or partial sun in temperate climates, performing not so well in hot climates.  During the first year and particularly in the summer, it is vital that you give your Azaleas plenty of water.  While azaleas like to drink, they are very susceptible to water stress and their roots will die if the soils gets too waterlogged.  This is because azaleas are shallow-rooted plants that become easily damaged when exposed to excessive soil moisture.  The best thing to do is keep soil evenly moist, never letting it dry completely out and never letting it get overly wet.  Other than that, azaleas are relatively carefree and easy to grow, rewarding us with vibrant, dependable beauty.

Like many flowering plants, azaleas can symbolize a specific emotion or event.  Given azaleas’ dazzling range of colors, the ideas azaleas communicate can vary.  Red blooms signify romantic love and the passion that someone can inspire within you; pink blooms, especially light pink blooms, signify friendship and affection; white blooms symbolize grace, civility, and temperance.  Azaleas are a great way of showing what is important to you, and the ideas and motivations that drive you throughout your life.

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