What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Cemetery Plot

Deciding upon a final resting place can be one of the most important decisions that you can make during your lifetime, so you must be informed of the options.  As a rule, it is almost always less expensive and less stressful to purchase a cemetery property before you actually need it, rather than purchasing it when you have no choice.  By purchasing a burial plot ahead of time, you can consider all your options, discuss them with those closest to you, and make an informed decision on your own timeline.  Arm yourself with our expert tips to help you land an ideal resting place for you and your loved ones:
Think about Options: Many cemeteries offer a wide range of disposition options.  Woodlawn offers a distinctive selection of options for a final resting place.  You can choose from a variety of available lots in our beautiful garden cemetery paired with a personalized monument that is both artful and meaningful.  Options include: single lots, companion lots, estate lots, historic properties, and Woodlawn’s newest additions.  Take into account how your decision will affect family members who could be impacted.
Location, Location, Location: Where exactly in the cemetery do you wish to be buried?  When setting priorities for a burial site, ensure that you choose a location that is cost, maintenance, and geographically convenient.
Cemetery Plot Costs: Additional costs, including grave opening and closing, vaults and liners, designing and installing headstones, and perpetual care to provide maintenance to the final resting place, can affect the overall price you pay for the plot.  When purchasing a cemetery plot, ensure that you get the full price that includes these additional costs.
Cemetery Rules and Regulations: Learn the rules governing the cemetery.  All lots at Woodlawn are sold in accordance with the provisions of the law of New York State.
Talk with Your Loved Ones: Including your family in decision-making helps them feel part of the process and accept the purchase.  Talk with your loved ones and discuss your options.
Ask before You Buy: Schedule a visit to the location before paying.  This will be a chance to discuss the plot, so come prepared with questions.
Our knowledgeable staff  knows how challenging it can be for some of our clients to decide where they would like to be laid to rest.  Many people have different ideas about what they would like done after they have passed.  If you are interested in investing in cemetery plots, remember that purchasing your cemetery plot now can help relieve the emotional and financial stress for your family later.
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