Woodlawn Featured on PBS’s “World’s Greatest Cemeteries”

Woodlawn is proud to be a featured cemetery on PBS’s new series “World’s Greatest Cemeteries.”  Host Roberto Mighty explores the world’s most newsworthy cemeteries using an expert assembling of actors, forensic scientists, historians and horticulturists.  Highlighting true stories of romance, war, and espionage, each episode gives a thoughtful tour of the the most impressive cemeteries around the world along with dramatized reenactments of key moments in the life of notables buried at the site.

Join Mighty on a tour of a National Historic Landmark—New York’s Woodlawn Cemetery.  Woodlawn is the final resting place of ground breakers in American history—Duke Ellington, Herman Melville, Bat Masterson, Celia Cruz, Dorothy Parker, Miles Davis, Jokichi Takamine and Irving Berlin to name a few. Gilded Age architecture, soaring mausoleums, and exquisite art and landscape grace this tree-lined, 400-acre urban oasis.

The Season 2 episode is available free of charge on PBS.  Watch the PBS episode on the beloved Bronx cemetery here.