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  • Cemetery Etiquette: Tips for Visiting a Cemetery

    When visiting a cemetery, there are a number of basic rules you should keep in mind.  If you’re choosing to visit a gravesite, there are some critical rules of etiquette to understand to make the experience easier.  We want to ensure you and your fellow visitors enjoy a courteous, peaceful experience.  Let’s look at five essential …
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  • Mourning in the Digital Age

    From Facebook to blogs to online forums, social media and technology provide ample opportunities for connecting with others. When you’re grieving the death of a loved one, digital platforms can provide comfort and solace to help you cope with an intense loss. At Woodlawn Cemetery, our compassionate staff members know how difficult and complex grief …
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  • What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Cemetery Plot

    Deciding upon a final resting place can be one of the most important decisions that you can make during your lifetime, so you must be informed of the options.  As a rule, it is almost always less expensive and less stressful to purchase a cemetery property before you actually need it, rather than purchasing it …
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